About the Author

Jeri QuinnJeri Quinn, founder of Driving Improved Results, is a recognized author, speaker, coach, consultant, and professional development expert focused on small and mid-size businesses.  Her specialties include customer loyalty and the four areas leading to customer loyalty:

  • The Customer Experience
  • Leadership
  • Employee Engagement
  • Targeted Marketing to Ideal Clients

Her work with clients drives improved results in:

  • Profitability
  • Numbers of raving fans
  • Efficiency
  • Employee retention
  • A positive teamwork culture
  • A reduced-stress lifestyle for the business owner

Her 35 year entrepreneurial career includes being a business owner for more than 25 years and working in over 40 industries. As a serial entrepreneur she’s owned businesses in Information Technology (started, grew, sold), commercial real estate (still owns), marketing, and health care. She’s also worked in C-suite positions in the world of transportation/logistics, non-profit, and education.

A more detailed description of Jeri’s career can be found on our sister site: the Driving Improved Results website.