All About the Book and Who Is Recommending It

How would you like to:

  • Add an extra 25-100% profit to your bottom line?
  • Reduce costs by keeping existing clients?
  • Have more predictable cash flow?

Inside this book are:

  • 9 compelling reasons why you want to improve customer and client loyalty
  • 12 executable and customizable winning game strategies that you can use independently of the others to gain customer loyalty – – the ultimate end goal of a successful and sustainable business.

(You can download the first chapter for free. It includes the 9 compelling reasons why you want to improve customer and client loyalty plus gives you a taste of the content of the rest of the book.)

Just like in sports your business can have a playbook, a notebook that contains the game plays that make a team successful. It documents the coordinated strategies and tactical actions that keep the team moving forward toward winning their game. Each chapter has a play diagram followed by an explanation, a case study and discussion questions to use with your team.

There are four sections that build customer loyalty infrastructure into your business:

  • leadership
  • engaged employees
  • designing the customer experience
  • targeted marketing

 How to Use This Playbook:

Ivan Misner“A go-to guide for growing small to midsize businesses, this is the book that will bring profit to your bottom line! Filled with everything you need to know to effectively build a growing and thriving business, maintain your customer base, and obtain long-term highly efficient employees, The Customer Loyalty Playbook is a must-read for the serious business owner. Jeri Quinn’s easy-to-understand diagrams, case studies, and discussion questions offer you and your team the keys to achieving the ultimate profitability and enjoyment from your business.”
Ivan Misner PhD, the founder of BNI®  (Business Networks International) and NY Times Best selling author of 17 books

  • Select an image from a chapter you want your team to understand and implement,
  • Download it from the Diagrams page, print and distribute, or project it on a screen for your whole team to see.
  • Have a few members of your staff pre-read the chapter’s explanation and case study and summarize it for the rest of the team.
  • Then, let them proceed to ask the questions suggested in the book. Engage your staff in contributing their ideas.
  • Select the best idea–or a combination of ideas–to implement that moves the company forward.

You’ve started to practice distributed leadership, which generates your staff’s active interest in implementation. You’re now already practicing one of the things the book suggests. Each chapter can be used at a “lunch-and-learn” or team meeting to build employee involvement in making the business more customer-centric. Each chapter can be used independently of the others.

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Here’s what we thought of The Customer Loyalty Playbook:

Engaging, stimulating and full of wonderful surprises, The Customer Loyalty Playbook is just like Jeri Quinn herself — an invaluable resource offering great insight and exercises that lead to growth and fulfillment. I’m excited about using Jeri’s great new book to find new ways to better serve my clients and to boost my income. Thanks, Jeri!
Tom Martin, President, Tom Martin Media, LLC


Great step-by-step methodology for customer loyalty. Each chapter gives specific steps you can utilize immediately.
Linda Stinson, President, RLS Focused Solutions


Now you don’t need a library to help you build great customer loyalty! In this one book you have everything you need to turbocharge your business. A loyal customer base is the foundation of a strong business, and this playbook shows you step-by-step how to build the business you’ve dreamed of. I just wish Jeri had written it sooner!
Norman Usher, Founder of Winterhill Consulting Ltd, UK


One of the fastest ways to grow your business is to develop loyal customers that will buy more and refer you to their friends. In this book Jeri gives you the key simple steps you can take to create more raving fan customers and dedicated employees, who are committed to the success of the company.
Joy Putnam, Peak Performance Coach


Jeri’s book is more than a book about customer loyalty; It’s a book about leadership. If you implement the strategies and “playbook ideas” Jeri has defined, you’ll not only gain incredible customer loyalty, you’ll become a great organization.Mike Goldman, President, Performance Breakthrough


There are many books that touch upon the issues Jeri addresses in The Customer Loyalty Playbook. But this one is special because it aggregates difficult concepts into one cohesive, easy-to-grasp narrative for small business owners. The case studies are especially helpful. A must read.
Bruce Stout, President, Rainmakers Forum


Who knew there was a connection between our vacations and our business customers? The Playbook makes logical and useful connections between our work and how it impacts customers, and allows you to create your own spiderweb of connections that will open your eyes to how you can build a next-generation business for yourself and your organization. Great insights and an easy read.
Robyn Rickenbach, President, Springboard International Inc


Any business owner, including myself, will benefit from this book, getting a lot of new ideas about how to improve every day operations. It answered so many questions that lingered in my mind. So much knowledge from such short reading time. I’ve always believed that my success depends on a good team of people (it impossible to make it alone) and loyal clients that are happy and comfortable to stay with me for all their insurance needs. This book has motivated me to organize my thoughts and implement all the ideas I’ve had in my mind for some time. I feel it puts me on the right path to succeed with my business. Thank you again.
Daniella Kirfeld, President, Interwest United Insurance Brokerage Inc


The Customer Loyalty Playbook makes sense and is specifically designed for small and medium companies to make an immediate difference in the bottom line. Need a topic for a sales meeting? It’s here. Setting goals for the next quarter? Use this. Rallying renewals? Jeri has your back. The basic blocking and tackling guide for small and medium sized companies puts ready to use and easily executed plans at your fingertips.
Carey Davis, Business Broker, Transworld Business Advisors of NY


This is a book that every entrepreneur and their team needs to read. Without keeping your existing customers happy and developing new customers, a company cannot not grow and prosper. Jeri has written a playbook and road map that is easy to understand and will yield immediate results in growth and profitability.
Larry Putterman, Serial Entrepreneur, Business Coach, and founder of


Loyalty is earned….it stems from actions that are taken and the words that are spoken by employees. The author of this book takes you through a set of straightforward management practices that will inspire your workforce and improve your bottom line. Whether you are a business owner, manager of people or a consultant practitioner…you will be able to apply what the writer conveys by way of examples, easy to understand diagrams or the provocative questions and references she offers that, if applied will certainly help to improve performance and bottom line results.
Norm Gauthier, Managing Partner, Heritage Hill Partners Inc.