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Chapter 2 The Customer/Client-Centric Business

2 Orgchart_color Standard Organizational chart
2 triangle_words Customer Centric Organizational Chart

Chapter 3 Kashbox And The Healthy Organization

3 KASH_color KASH box
3 expanded formula Expanded Improvement Formula

Chapter 4 Dual Pyramids

4 PeakingPyramid Dual Pyramids

Chapter 5 The Competency/Preference Matrix

5 Compentencies Competency/Preference Matrix

Chapter 6 Employee Development Chart

6 skillscurve Employee Development Chart

Chapter 7 Comfort Zone Bubble

7 ManinBubble Comfort Zone Bubble

Chapter 8 Customers On Your Vacations

8 Icecream Customers on Your Vacation

Chapter 9 POC Circles

9 CustomerWants POC Circles

Chapter 10 Customer Service Standards Chart

10 NewCustomerServiceStandradsChart Customer Service Standard Chart
Customer Service Standards Chart Customer Service Standard Chart (blank)

Chapter 11 The Innovation Growth Cube

11 Growthcube_color Growth Cube

Chapter 12 Target Market Product Matrix

12 TargetMarket Product Matrix Target Market Product Matrix
12 target market product matrx thumb Target Market Product Matrix (blank)

Chapter 13 Marketing Spider Web

13 MarketingSpiderweb Marketing Spider Web

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