Keynote & Seminar Topics

Each of these topics can be modified to the industry being addressed and the time allotted. Each is more effective when multimedia equipment is available. However, each presentation can be given without the multimedia elements.

These are available as full keynotes and also as breakout interactive seminars/workshops.

Double Your Profit by Engaging Your Front Line

Double Your Profit by Engaging Your Front LineYour employees that interact with your customers are the ‘company’ to the customers. How do we make sure each one is lit up, delighted to be serving, very productive and in love with each customer? What does the organization need to be so that it hires and creates caring employees so that each customer really feels cared for?  Who does leadership need to be to generate employees like that? How can we get employees to give their all? You will take a 5 element quiz that helps you analyze where your company is at in very concrete terms. You’ll learn some short term and long term strategies that have helped other companies double their profit without increasing their headcount.


Forever Fans: How to Boost Customer Loyalty

How to Boost Customer LoyaltyWhat does a customer or client really want? What would make him or her a loyal fan? What does it take to create a customer for life? What is the lifetime value of your customer? You’ll be looking at both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of those questions, the metrics and the emotional intelligence. We’ll be telling stories, comparing scenarios, seeing what other companies have done to ensure their customers become lifetime customers. You’ll come away with a method to measure the lifetime value of your customers and some real world ideas about creating forever fans of your own.


Creating Wow! Designing the Customer Experience

Designing the Customer ExperienceBuying surveys identify that the customer experience outweighs all other factors combined in how the buyer makes a decision to purchase. Why is this so? What is the customer looking for? What does it take to provide it consistently? Examples of designed customer experiences will be presented.

You will be introduced to a methodology of analyzing the step by step process your customer or client goes through to purchase from your company and how to improve every step. You’ll learn five factors that can be applied to each step. You’ll come away with a framework so that your customer service experience can be managed and taught to staff to provide a consistent experience for your clients and customers.